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3 UK Prepaid PAYG Phone SIM

3 UK Prepaid PAYG Phone SIM

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Buy blank SIM + credit PIN (eg 25 pound credit PIN)
​-> receive SIM in mail and credit via email
-> add the credit via 3UK online portal and buy 20 pound add-on 
-> leaves 5 pound left over for odd call/sms to non-uk number
-> can add more credit or buy another add-on for following month via credit PINs we sell here, and top-up via 3UK web portal here

If you add the credit (sits there as balance credit), and if you don't buy the 'Add-on', you will be charged at casual data roaming rates outside the UK - this will burn thru your credit.
Basically, make sure you use the credit PIN to buy the add-on if you want the free data roaming.

      Why Buy?

      1) Local SIM for low cost data & calls in the UK.

      2) 'Feel at Home' free roaming in 15+ countries- in which you use data/call/text on your UK plan.

      3) Buy with a PIN/credit for  'Calls/SMS/data pack' - ready to hit the ground running.

      Avoid the hassle and buy a prepaid 3 UK Phone SIM from dataGO today!

      If you are heading to the 3 UK Pay As You Go prepaid Phone SIM card gives you the best deal for data, calls and text you are likely to find!

      It is also as good as deal as you are going to find anywhere for their ‘Feel at Home’ countries which include:

      Hong Kong
      Republic of Ireland
      Sri Lanka

        As of Sept 2016, there is a whole lot more countries the free data roaming applies to now - see more here (ie most of EU)
        See more info on ‘Feel at Home’ below 
        This is an awesome deal if you are going to any of these countries!

        The 'Feel at Home' roaming in available immediately on prepaid SIMs (or PAYG SIMs as the British refer to it). There is a note on the Three website referring to roaming on the 'SIM only' plans only being available after 30 days. This is specifically referring to contract SIM only plans (contract plans that don't include a phone handset), definitely not the prepaid SIMs.

        THE BASICS
        There are two main ‘All in One’ plans/add-ons:
        £10 = 500MB, 100 min calls, 3000 SMS
        £20 = All-you-can-eat Data, 300 min, 3000 SMS

        We now have just the Blank SIM, where you load credit and/or add-ons as required

        Blank Phone SIM + 10, 15, 20 or 25 pound PIN (PIN=top-up voucher)
        This allows you to:
        1) Activate the SIM > then add the credit PIN in the Three UK online portal
        2) Use 10 or 20 pounds of their balance to purchase the 'add-on'

        They then have free data roaming in the partner countries for the next 30 days, and have some pounds balance left over to use for international calls (calls to non-UK numbers not included in the 'Add-on').

        Note: If you don't buy the 'Add-on' and only apply the credit, you will be charged at casual data roaming rates - this is not a good idea!
        If you want free data, make sure you purchase the 'Add-on' with your credit, or get the preloaded SIM (easiest).
        You can't use a non-UK credit card in the online portal - hence why the credit PINs are the easiest workaround - you can buy them here

        Also, if you use data in 'Non Feel at Home' countries (ie Germany), you will be charged at a casual rate, and it will burn through any balance on your SIM - again not a good idea - turn mobile data off in non-Feel at home countries, or use a dataGOroaming SIM if you require data

        Need more than what is included in the plan?
        1p = Data (MB)
        2p = Text (SMS)
        3p = Calls (min)
        These are the rates for the UK.

        See below for all other charges.


        3UK Phone Pay As You Go plans do not allow tethering. If you would like to tether, you will need to choose a dataGOroaming SIMwhich allows tethering, is prepaid, and works across all of Europe. 

        The minutes and texts included in Add-ons are for standard UK mobiles and UK landlines - not for calls and SMS to non-UK numbers (which requires extra credit), most people just use the free roaming data to Skype /Viber /iMessage instead though :-) 

        EU roaming prices (for EU countries not inc. in 'Feel at Home')
        -       Calls: outgoing 24.5p /min (min charge 30 sec, after which per sec)
        -       Calls: incoming 7.1p /min (per sec)
        -       SMS: 7.8p
        -       Data: 45.8p /MB
        *Always see 3UK website for latest rates

        What about roaming in non- "Feel at Home" countries?
        Make sure you are aware of the network partners and pricing here.
        Note; on the pricing link above, enter country, then click the 'PAYG' tab (on the top right).

        GETTING CREDIT can sell you credit in £10, £15, & £20 top-up/recharge vouchers here.
        Credit once applied to your account does not expire.

        You need a UK Credit Card to buy credit on the 3 UK website (hence why we sell top-up vouchers with the SIM + also via the above link).

        You can also buy top-up vouchers from convenience stores in the UK.

        3 UK has great coverage around the UK.

        SIM SIZE
        All 3UK SIMs are TRIO size now - the one SIM pops out to any size required.
        See more SIM size info here

        We can ship this SIM worldwide for FREE :-)
        Express is extra

        FEEL AT HOME
        If you run out of your allowances included in your add-on/plan or are using Pay As You Go credit, you'll be charged at roaming rates that are lower than normal. These rates are:

        • 20p per minute to make calls
        • 7p per text
        • 10p per MB

        If you have a credit limit or zero spending cap, this will still apply while you're in a Feel At Home country.

        Important Notes on ‘Feel at Home’
        ​It’s designed for trips away rather than living abroad, so if you use your device exclusively in a Feel At Home country for three months within a twelve month period, you won’t be able to use your device abroad anymore.​ More info on ‘Feel at Home’ here

        It’s always free to receive calls in a Feel At Home country.
        Find out about other roaming rates in the country you're visiting.

        3 APN (Access Point Name) for "3" UK (Any SIMs):
        APN enables the internet to work - it shouldn't be needed, but is the most common tweak required if data isn't working.
        APN: internet
        Username: [leave blank]
        Password: [leave blank]

        UK PAYG PHONE charges (outside of a plan/add-on):
        Voice call charges.
        Voicemail (flat rate): £0.03 per minute
        Three-to-UK landline (flat rate): £0.03 per minute
        Three-to-Three UK (flat rate): £0.03 per minute
        Three to other UK mobile networks (flat rate): £0.03 per minute

        Video call charges.
        Three-to-Three UK: £0.38 per minute
        Three to other UK mobile networks: £0.38 per minute
        Videomail: £0.26 per minute

        Other charges.
        UK text messages: £0.02
        UK picture messages: £0.31
        UK video messages: £0.38

        Internet allowance.
        Internet browsing: £0.01/MB
        With every top-up: 150MB

        Inclusive minutes and texts are for standard UK mobiles and UK landlines beginning 01, 02, 03. Personal Numbers (070) and numbers beginning 08 are excluded from bundle. 08/070 numbers cost up to 35p per call plus 35p per minute / £1.02 per call plus 71.5p per minute respectively. 

        See more info on PAYG Phone SIM rates here

        See the FAQ and Activation page for the 3 UK Phone SIM here