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3 UK SIM Credit

3 UK SIM Credit

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[Product Summary]

THIS IS FOR CREDIT ONLY- see separate listing for the SIM here.

If you already have an 3 SIM, and want to add credit, just add this product to your cart.

The credit is sent as a PIN via EMAIL within 12-24 hours (sometimes slightly longer on a weekend).

Ignore that it will ask you for address/shipping details, this is just legacy of a ecommerce store that normally requires shipping info.

You must use/apply the credit PIN to your account within 2 months (60 days) of purchase.

GETTING CREDIT can sell you credit you add to your account.
The easiest way to add the credit PIN is via the 3 quick web top-up portal here

Just purchase one of the 3 UK credit vouchers here. We will then email you the top-up voucher codes within 24 hours.  You then need to put the 3 UK SIM into your phone, dial 4444 and follow the prompts to top-up using the voucher. See our full 3UK Phone SIM activation guide here.
You can also buy top-up vouchers from 3 UK shops and convenience stores around the UK.


The main product information page for the 3 UK Prepaid PAYG Data SIMs and 3 UK Prepaid PAYG Phone SIMs and there is also a number of FAQs answered on the 3 UK Data SIM Activation Guide and 3 UK Phone SIM Activation Guide.