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SIM Card Sizes

There are three SIM sizes:

- Mini or Standard (2FF); iPhone 3 OR 3S (Older phones)
- Micro (3FF); iPhone 4 OR 4S (Most new smart phones)
- Nano (4FF); iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and 6+ (New Apple devices)

In addition, please see the below SIM charts for Apple users, and a blog post here with some more info on SIM selection.

See at bottom of this page a visual table of the most popular Apple and Samsung devices and their respective sizes.

Not sure what size SIM?
The ultimate guide to checking your SIM size and all other phone specs is here at GSM Arena (enter phone type in search box - top right corner).

Got the wrong size SIM?
One option if you ordered the wrong size SIM is to cut down the SIM card. 
Generally this won't affect the chip functionality, as it is in the center.

A good video on cutting down SIMs is here (although it does say to sand down the SIM to make it thinner, normally that shouldn't be necessary).

iPhone SIM card Sizes

Link to identify you iPhone model here

iPad SIM card Sizes

Link to identify your iPad model here

Samsung Models SIM sizes

Note: Full size SIM means the Mini or Standard SIM (2FF)

Prepaid SIM card Top Tips

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