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You want data and calls overseas. We get that. You don't want hassle. You just want it to work - that is what we deliver.


When you are away from home we believe staying connected isn't just important, it is a basic human right.

Peace of mind

Pre-paid SIMs deliver the comfort of knowing you get what you have paid for - connection and convenience - with no nasty surprises.

Happy customers :-)

Delivering on our promise. The best marketing is word-of-mouth from passionate fans. We go the extra mile to make that happen.

dataGO is in Melbourne, Australia.

The Team Behind

Peter Cain

Why wouldn't you work on something the combines your three biggest passions in life - technology, travel and business.

Pete said goodbye to his career in Private Equity, and hello to the world mobile SIMs in 2012. He actually used to run an iPhone hire business for tourists when iPhones first came out, and his adventurous spirit has taken him to over 70 countries (the latest driving a 145cc rickshaw 3,000kms across India to raise money for clean drinking water). 

Pete has a background in finance, pieces of paper they formally call degrees from the University of Melbourne (in Commerce and Agricultural Science), and grew up on a 2,000 acre sheep and cropping farm in the metropolis of Natte Yallock, North Central Victoria, Australia.

Driving across India in a Rickshaw in 2012, having a chat with one of the friendly truck drivers.

 the story behind

Once upon a time...

The seed for was sown when Pete set off on one of his crazy adventures - driving the Mongol Rally through 22 countries in a little 900cc Suzuki in 2011. Arriving in London he hadn't printed an email with his team mate's address and knew he might need a little help from the interwebs and Mr Google Maps.

Relived Heathrow is one of the few airports in the world that actually has a SIM vending machine as you walk outside the arrivals lounge, he soon became frustrated at what should be a relatively simple process.
- get £s from ATM
- choose SIM from the 6 different options > SIM didn't work
- get credit from the shop > data didn't work
- get data credit from the shop > data didn't work
"you need the right settings"..OK what are they?.."We don't know that!"

After a 23 hour flight, £60 and hour and a half trying to get the internet working on his iPhone, paying an extortionate $?!?,000 data-roaming bill to his homeland telco was nearly starting to look like a good option.

He eventually tracked down his Rally team mate, but didn't get the data working on his phone until 3 days later. Over the 5 or 6 weeks of crossing borders East out of Europe into Iran, over the pot holes of Turkmenistan and across the steppe of Kazakhstan into Mongolia, Pete started thinking there must be a better way this could be done!

Everyone needs data.
That $1,000 'smart' phone might as well be a $20 Nokia without it.

Really the only way of getting cheap data is from a telco native to the country you are visiting. Wouldn't it be nice to have a pre-paid SIM before you touched down? Already having a local number, Google Maps, Facebook, email and all your Apps working when you step off the plane? was born :-)