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US AT&T Prepaid SIM

US AT&T Prepaid SIM

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1) Most widely used SIM in the US: Reliable, Fast Data and Good-Coverage Network

2) Best network compatible with foreign phones.

3) Great prepaid options that give unlimited local calls & SMS:

  • USD$45 option gives 4GB data
  • USD$60 option gives 8GB (+ FREE call-and-data roaming across Mexico and Canada)

Unactivated AT&T SIM.
You must follow instructions (here) to activate.
No minutes or data included on SIM.

We recommend the most popular plan the SIM+USD$45 credit PIN

AT&T is the fastest and easiest network in the United States to be accessed by international phones (Most other US networks are slow, poor coverage or not fully compatible with international phones).

Great coverage and high speed 3G/4G/LTE data - plans allow you to tether/hotspot.

USD$45 and USD$65 plan roam in Canada & Mexico

USD$45 plan gives 6GB data
USD$65 plan gives 22GB data (but its speed is capped at 3Mbps)

International calls not included (but USD$5 call pack gives 250 min calling to international landlines). If you want the international call pack, add this direct in the AT&T portal once you arrive in the States (you can't login to this until in the States).

Activation takes a few steps, but we provide the most detailed step by step guide for you to activate prior to you leaving home, or alternatively we can activate for you (activation service costs AUD$20).

1) Buy SIM and credit/PIN on dataGO - receive SIM in post & PIN via email

2) Online (few days before departure):  

  • - Activate SIM
  • - Choose plan
  • - Pay for plan with PIN (starts 30 days to use)

3) Land in US - activated SIM in an unlocked phone will auto connect on arrival

See activation summary in the tab above, or our detailed activation guide here.

Recommendation: The easiest way is to buy the SIM+PIN now, then activate and add credit/PIN online a few days before you leave. Simple :-)


    We have all SIM card sizes available for the AT&T prepaid SIMs:

      - Nano SIM  (most common - iPhone 5 and later)
      - Micro SIM  (iPhone 4 and 4S and some Android)
      - Standard/Mini SIM (largest size for some Android and older phones)

    Need help to know which SIM size fits you phone see our guide here: 
    Selecting the correct SIM size

    We will ship this item for free to anywhere in the world via standard post/airmail (non-tracked ~3-10 business days).
    Express shipping is also available ('Next Day' in Aust, or 3-7 days Worldwide*) See more details on shipping information here

    Get the most from your smartphone we recommend the US$45 Smartphone Plan with Data (6 GB) - this is by far the most popular and best value plan for the average traveller spending a few weeks in the USA - the plans allow tethering.

    See plans below:
    USD$30 - no included data
    USD$45 - 6GB data (roams in Canada and Mexico)
    USD$65 - 22GB data (roams in Canada and Mexico)

    Or if you require more specific info/detail see direct on AT&T website here.

    Plans include unlimited SMS to Mexico, Canada, Australia, UK and over 100 countries - see the full list here.


    Data packages are available .

      - US$10 for 1 GB or $20 for 3 GB (with US$45 plan)
      - US$5 for 250 MB (with US$30 plan)

    International calls aren't included in the standard plans (national calls are, and local/international SMS is too). If you are planning to do lots of international calls with your AT&T prepaid plan, you get 250 minutes of calling from the U.S. to landlines in over 50 countries, including Mexico and Canada, from just $5 per month. See details on the international call packs available under the 'International Calling' tab on the AT&T site here.

    If you would like a call pack it is easiest to add it once you have activated your SIM and are in the States. Login to the account portal (you have to be in US to do this the first time) and buy it direct with AT&T.

    There are few call packs:
    • USD$5 = 250 minutes of international calls
    • USD$10 = 1,000 minutes of international calls
    See details and the full list of available countries. 
    For Australia and New Zealand this only covers landline calls.
    Packages are good for 30 days as long as your account balance is not expired. Standard rates apply if package is not renewed after 30 days. Also, feature package balance rolls over if renewed before expiration date.

    If you don't use a long distance package, or are calling mobile numbers not included in the long distance package, you can see the applicable rates here. Calls to Australia are USD$1.09/min, same to New Zealand and to the UK USD$0.49/min.

    AT&T has great network coverage and fast data speeds. This makes calling via VoIP Apps like Skype and Viber a real and popular alternative. These type of voice calls typically only use ~0.3/MB per minute (which if you have the $60 plan with 8GB data - works out at less than USD$0.01/min for data plus the small cost of the Skype call - typically AUD$0.02 - $0.10/min).

    There is also now a USD$15 East Asia and India pack that will give unlimited calling to mobiles and landlines in a selection of East Asian countries and discounted calls to Australia. To make the call at the discounted rate you will still need some balance credit (ie buy the $15 call pack and then have $5 balance credit to make calls to Australian mobiles at $0.05/min):


    AT&T has one of the largest (& fastest) GSM networks in the US.
    You can find more specific network coverage information direct with AT&T here.
    An AT&T prepaid SIM will only connect to the network in the US, Canada and Mexico - not outside of these three countries.

    All the AT&T plans (ie USD$30, USD$45 and USD$65 plans) expire 30 days from when they went live (they go 'live' when you add enough credit to cover the cost of the plan).
    For most people who activate on the USD$45 or 65 plan, the plan is valid for 30 days, and the SIM will expire 150 days (5 months) after first activated.

    Detail: There are two issues here: i) expiry from credit, and ii) cancellation of SIM/number. They have two different drop-dead dates. 

    i) Expiry depends on the amount initially added:
    From $10 to $24 30 days
    From $25 to $99 90 days
    $100 and higher 1 year

    ii) While cancellation happens sixty days after expiry. 
    That means, for example, if you initially added USD$60 the SIM is good for 90 days, but the number remains yours for another 60 days (150 days total). As long as you add money before cancellation, the clock starts over again.

    Below is the Activation Overview. Full detailed activation guide with screenshots will be sent along with the SIM to you, and can also be found HERE.


    1. Activate SIM online with AT&T
    2. Choose plan
    3. Receive US number
    4. Add Credit
      1. Via phone (before leaving)
      2. On arrival with PIN
    5. Land in US and connect
    Click HERE to see full activation guide with screenshots and FAQs.
    All orders are eligible for free shipping.

    Simple :-)

    Also, we only sell SIMs for countries we have stock for, and aim to ship/send to you the same day of the order.
    If we miss that, it'll go in the next days post.

    Sometimes people would like the SIM sent to a hotel address overseas.
    Please contact us if you require Express Post for overseas shipping and we will get back to you- real quick!

    I believe Australia Post a fairly efficient getting it there quickly.
    Free - Normal airmail ( 3 to 10 business days)
    [This doesn't include tracking or shipment receipt]

    $7 - Australian Express Post - click here to add to cart ( Next Day Delivery* most metropolitan areas otherwise within 3+ business days)
    $29 - Express Post International - click here to add to cart ( Delivery within 3 to 7 business days) using courier TNT or DHL and their partners for who ever is quicker.

    See more info:

    We are posting from Melbourne, Australia, using Australia Post.
    Shipping within Australia is really quick, and shipping outside of Australia also very efficient.

    See official Australia Post Australian shipping times here (and click 'standard delivery times +').
    See official Australia Post Worldwide shipping times here (and enter your country). eg. US, UK, and NZ standard airmail 3-10 working days

    [we believe from our international customers, particularly in metro areas, the delivery time is normally on the faster end of their estimates, but please allow for possible delays]