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3 UK Prepaid PAYG Data SIM

3 UK Prepaid PAYG Data SIM

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1) Best value for money UK data SIM

2) Provides low-cost data and allows tethering in UK

3) 3GB preloaded SIM + Valid for 3 months preloaded.

4) Can roam to 71 ‘Feel at Home’ countries

(We recommend the dataGOroaming SIM for EU data roaming alternative)

3UK has bought in policy that these data SIMs must be first activated in UK - our best alternative to the 3UK data SIM is the dataGOroaming SIM here ...also great value, offers better coverage (more tier 1 network partners), and also allows hotspotting/tethering which the 3UK data SIM doesn't outside UK.


Why Buy?
1) Local UK SIM for low cost data in UK, US, Indonesia, Macau, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Hong Kong and Australia.
2) 3GB preloaded SIM, valid for 3 months preloaded .
3) Easy activation and us

Avoid the hassle and buy a prepaid 3 UK Data SIM from dataGO today!

If you are heading to the 3 UK Pay As You Go prepaid Data SIM card gives you the best deal for data!

It is also as good as deal as you are going to find anywhere for their ‘Feel at Home’ countries which include:
Hong Kong
Republic of Ireland
Sri Lanka

As of Sept 2016, there is a whole bunch more 'Feel at Home' countries where the free data roaming applies (pretty much most of EU) - see more here.
See more info on ‘Feel at Home’ below – this is an awesome deal if you are going to these countries!


The 3GB preloaded SIM (valid for 3 months)

Product Details
The SIMs are unactivated - you need to login and apply the credit to your account using the top-up PIN and purchase the data add-on required.

Can be used in any unlocked 3G dongle, 3G phone or device
Data Sim Card for Three Dongles / iPads / Mifi Devices / Unlocked Dongles in the UK.

Please Note: You cannot make phone calls or send texts with these SIMs, they are for data use only. 

Unless you buy the preloaded SIM, you will need to be able to either:
1. Receive the temporary password to login in to the web portal . This means you need to have an old/spare unlocked phone/device that accepts the same SIM size to receive this password. 
2. Give Three a call on +44 7782 333 500 (cheaper using Skype)

This is to allow you to apply the credit PIN, and choose an add-on you require.

GETTING CREDIT can sell you credit in £10~25 top-up/recharge vouchers here.
Credit once applied to your account does not expire.

You need a UK Credit Card to buy credit on the 3 UK website (hence why we sell top-up vouchers).
You can also buy top-up vouchers from convenience stores in the UK.

3 UK has great coverage around the UK.

We can do any size SIM you require- please make sure you order the right size. 
See more SIM size info here


If you run out of your allowances included in your add-on/plan or are using Pay As You Go credit, you'll be charged at roaming rates that are lower than normal.

Important Notes on ‘Feel at Home’

  • It’s designed for trips away rather than living abroad, so if you use your device exclusively in a Feel At Home country for three months within a twelve month period, you won’t be able to use your device abroad anymore.
  • Tethering/hotspot is restricted when roaming, for use just in phone or iPad (however may work tethering sometimes also..depends on country and use).
  • You’ll be able to stream and connect to VPNs while in a Feel At Home country but both of these will be slower than they are in the UK.
  • If you use more than 25GB of data, 5000 texts or 3000 minutes per month in any two months within a year, you may be blocked from using these services.
  • You won’t be able to change your My3 PIN when you're in a Feel At Home country.
More info on ‘Feel at Home’ here

What about roaming in non- "Feel at Home" countries?
Find out about other roaming rates in the country you're visitingMake sure you are aware of the network partners and pricing here.

3 APN (Access Point Name) for "3" UK (Any SIMs):
APN enables the internet to work - it shouldn't be needed, but is the most common tweak required if data isn't working.
APN: 3internet
Username: [leave blank]
Password: [leave blank]

See our FAQ and Activation Guide here