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US AT&T SIM Credit - Adding Credit

Add credit to your account.

There are few methods to add credit to your account, but first make sure you have activated your SIM and allocated a wireless number.
Once you activate the SIM, you will be allocated a number, and your desired plan will go live for 30 days the moment you add enough credit to the number/SIM to cover that plan.
You have 26 days to add this credit.
You must add enough credit to cover the plan - ie If you add USD$70 to a SIM that was activated on a $60 plan > it will use the first USD$60 to cover the plan for 30 days, and leave USD$10 balance on your account (you could use that to buy an extra data or international call pack or the like).

There is a few ways to add credit to a number

Option 1. 
With a top-up PIN purchased from dataGO
If you purchased a recharge voucher/top-up PIN with the SIM from dataGO (this would have been emailed to you within 12-24 hours of purchase).

Or alternatively you can purchase one here (allow 12-24 hours for us to process), and then you can add this credit to you SIM by either:
Before arrival in US
As part of the online activation process, you can now add your credit PIN. Note this starts your 30 days ticking. You can alternatively login in and manage your account online, including adding you credit PIN (so you can add it when suits - but credit must be added within 26 days of activating the SIM).
See full activation steps here.

On arrival in US 
After you have landed, pop in the ATT and dial:  *888*PIN NUMBER# (then press your 'call' button, like making a call)
(you do this in the 'dial' area of you phone, where 'PIN NUMBER', refers to the PIN that would have been sent to you if you purchased one).
You must have the AT&T SIM in that you want to add that credit to, and you must be in the States.

Option 2. 
Direct with AT&T 

A. Over the phone with AT&T (can do before you leave home)
Call: (+1) 800-901-9878 
You can call this number before arriving in the States.
​You can call them and use the credit PIN you got from dataGO (easiest). 
Have your wireless number and the credit PIN handy.
If you didn't buy credit when purchasing your SIM you can still add credit before you depart (i.e. while still in Australia) over the phone by dialling AT&T customer service on (+1) 800-901-9878  (You can use an Australian Credit Card). It should be a free call using Skype, but can take a bit of navigating the auto-prompts, as they ask for a US ZIP code for you billing address, which will fail, and then you normally can get thru to an operator.
We would recommend Option 1 (above) instead of doing this!

B. Online with AT&T after you have arrived in the States.
You can login to your 'My AT&T Account' (from the login here).
You can now login online either before arrival in the US or after arrival - and 'Manage your account' direct with AT&T - including adding your credit PIN.

C. Purchase a PIN from a retail store in the US
You can also purchase a top-up voucher from a retail store after you land- including all these official AT&T stores and authorised dealers:

Also, most Walmarts, Walgreens, 7/11 etc type stores will sell "wireless top-up vouchers" for "AT&T GoPhone" 
Once you have the PIN, just follow the steps explained above: *888*PIN NUMBER# (then press your 'call' button, like making a call)

Option 3.  
Using an online service to send the money direct to the number

We have demoted this option (from Option 1 to now Option 3), as a number of customers were experiencing problems with this method, especially when buying multiple credits. The max they allow is USD$50 in one transaction and start blocking/delaying when they send thru the credit after buying more than one transaction.

Send credit direct to the wireless number, using an online service like:
This can be done once you activate the SIM and write down your wireless number.
It instantly sends the funds to set your SIM/plan live.
You can pay in AUD$ using Paypal, Visa or Mastercard.
There is a maximum of USD$50 per transaction so if you have the $60 plan you will need to add multiple amounts (ie USD$15, $20, $25 or $50 add $50 + $15 = total USD$65)
All purchases/transfers are a once off transaction.

Note: Check Available Credit anytime
Check your balance by dialing *777# within the USA.
Check your data balance by dialing *777*3# within the USA.