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US AT&T Prepaid SIM Activation Guide

The following is a brief guide covers the two parts of getting your AT&T prepaid SIM activated and working. 

Part 1. The first part is to activate the SIM on a plan and get a phone number for it
Part 2. The second part is to add enough credit to cover the cost of the plan so it goes 'live'.

Below these steps we have laid out even more details with screenshots.
Please make sure your phone is unlocked. These SIMs only connect to the network in the US, Canada and Mexico, but your won't show any connection in the US if it is locked.


Part 1. Activating the SIM
1. Go to activation page here

2. Enter your ICCID (from back of SIM): [89] ….
(go to next page)

US AT&T Prepaid SIM Activation Guide Screenshot 01

3. Enter a ZIP code; eg. 94117 (which is for San Francisco, CA, or any US ZIP code)
Use your device IMEI (to find it, dial: *#06# you dial this like making a call )
Or on an iPhone, go to: Settings -> General -> About -> scroll down to "IMEI"
[NB. The IMEI never really used to matter, then ATT changed something, we had an example IMEI that no longer works ]
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US AT&T Prepaid SIM Activation Guide Screenshot 02

4. Enter personal information
Email is only thing required – all other fields are optional
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US AT&T Prepaid SIM Activation Guide Screenshot 03

6. Select a plan
A popular option is:
US$45 pm plan (includes 6GB data, and unlimited calls and text)
IMPORTANT to note; you need to select a smartphone, and smartphone plan if you want to have data
(go to next page)

US AT&T Prepaid SIM Activation Guide Screenshot 04

7. Review you info to check it is correct
(click submit)
(it will activate your account- can take about a 1minute, don’t click away from screen)

US AT&T Prepaid SIM Activation Guide Screenshot 05

US AT&T Prepaid SIM Activation Guide Screenshot 06

8. You will be given a number and a passcode
IMPORTANT write these down
Your SIM will now be activated, but it won’t be completed until you add credit
Also note: Your SIM will not connect outside of the US

US AT&T Prepaid SIM Activation Guide Screenshot 08

Part 2:
Adding credit

You have 3 Options for Adding Credit (see link/page info here).

There is a few options to add credit to a number
add the credit either:

1. either over the phone with a quick call to +1-800-901-9878
Then enter phone number you want to add the credit to (you get this in the activation process, press/select from the auto prompt to 'top-up', enter credit PIN (this would have been email to you if you bought one from dataGO otherwise you can buy one here).
The prompts may change but normally:
-> enter ph number followed by #, 
->press 1 to “top-up”,
-> then 3 to “refill PIN”,
-> enter PIN followed by #

It is free to call this number via Skype - the call should take less then a minute following the auto-prompts.

2. Dial in the credit PIN on arrival in the States, by entering: *888*PIN NUMBER# 
After you have landed, pop in the ATT SIM and dial:  *888*PIN NUMBER#
(then press your 'call' button, like making a call)
You do this in the 'dial' area of you phone, where 'PIN NUMBER', refers to the PIN that would have been sent to you if you purchased one.
You must have the AT&T SIM in that you want to add that credit to, and you must be in the States.

3. Using an online service to send to the number


​See more detail on these and other ways to add credit here if required

Note: Check Available Credit
Check your balance by dialing *777# within the USA.
Check your data balance by dialing *777*3# within the USA.
Extra credit, extra data or international call packs

If you only initially had enough credit to cover your plan, but also wanted some add-ons, don't panic.

You can log into your account anytime once you are in the US/Mex/Canada.

​The first time you do so, it'll SMS a new password (hence why you can't do so outside US/Mex/Canada as SIM won't connect yet).
Once logged into the portal/account you can purchase extra data or international calling packs with most international credit cards or you can buy a PIN from dataGO here.