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US AT&T SIM Credit

US AT&T SIM Credit

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[Product Summary]

This product is for an AT&T Refill PIN that will be sent to you (VIA EMAIL), and can be used to add credit to your AT&T account or wireless number.

PIN must be used within 1 year.

This does not include a SIM card - it is for credit only.

There are no refunds for this product.

Please see more info on adding credit here

To load PIN NUMBER to your account:
• Enter *888* followed by PIN NUMBER, then press the # key on prepaid phone Example: *888*PIN NUMBER#
• Press SEND key on prepaid phone.
• Confirmation message will be sent to your phone 
NB: It normally flashes 'Balance $0'...That is normal, it means for example $60 was loaded, then used for 30 days access (to the $60 plan), so therefore balance equals $0.
If you want some leftover balance (for example to make international calls, which aren't included in the $60 plan), add say $75 or $100 worth of credit. If you were making heaps of international calls to landlines overseas, it might also be worth considering adding the International Calling pack from AT&T which gives 250 minutes of calls to landlines for $5.