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UK: Best Prepaid SIM Options for the UK

There are two options for UK SIMs we recommend:

1. 3 PAYG 

  • Phone SIM
  • Data SIM
2. O2 "Big Bundles"


Option 1: 3 UK

There are two types of SIMs on 3's PAYG (Pay As You Go) network. Either Data SIMs, or Phone SIMs.
The Phone SIMs have option of two great add-ons, with either the 'All-in-one 10' with calls, text and 500MB or 'All-in-one 20' witheven more calls and text and 'All-you-can-eat'. 
The data SIMs have some good chunks of data, and there is also a pre-loaded option (3GB for 3 months). Best bit about 3 UK is they give free roaming in 15+ other countries with both of the SIMs - Awesome!


If you are heading to the UK “Big Bundle” prepaid SIM card gives you a bundle of minutes, texts and data.
There are two top-up amounts.
£10 = 100 UK mins, 1000 UK texts, 500MB UK web
£15 = 200 UK mins, 2000 UK texts, 1GB UK web
£20 = 400 UK mins, 4000 UK texts, 2GB UK web
Data add-ons available (eg 1GB = £10).
See more detail about the O2 prepaid SIM card here.

We can ship these items worldwide for FREE :-)