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Japan Prepaid Data SIM Activation Summary

The Japanese data SIM will be pre-activated when you receive it. You can use it straight away and 30-day period starts when you first connect to the network (can only connect in Japan).

You need to set the APN – to get your data SIM working. The following are the APN setup overview for 4 different types of devices (Full setup guide with screenshots and FAQs is HERE).

      1. Manually Set APN
        1. Android; Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > Cellular networks > Access Point Names > Create new > (enter APN: ) username/password
        2. iPhone (will depend version of iOS): Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data Options > Mobile Data Network > (enter APN: ) username/password 
      2. For iOS device you can install an APN profile here: LINK/Download file from link HERE


Click HERE to see full activation guide with screenshots and FAQs.