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Japan Prepaid Data SIM Activation Guide

It will be pre-activated when you receive it. 
You can use it straight away and 30-day period starts when you first connect to the network (can only connect in Japan).
You need to set the APN – to get your data SIM working.

How to setup your Japanese data SIM for:

a) iPhone 5C, 5S, 6, & 6+:
b) iOS 7 or 8
c) iOS6
d) Android devices

Please follow the correct one for you device

a) iPhone 5C, 5S, 6, & 6+:    
Before using this service with an iPhone5s or 5c, you must first install the APN profile. 
Please note that tethering is not supported on iPhone5s or 5c.

How to install the APN profile (for iphone 5S and 5C) 
1. Find a WiFi hotspot & navigate to either website below: ( -> Click the download button )
OR  > Mobile Settings > Then Select 'Japan' > Select B-Mobile (bmobile@fr)

2. In the "Install Profile" screen, tap "Install".

3. Tap the "Done" button on the upper right corner of the screen to complete the installation.
Please delete the APN Profile after you have finished using your Japanese SIM.
1. Navigate to the "Profile" screen on your iPhone: "Setting" → "General" → "Profile"
2. Tap "Remove"

b) iOS 7.0 or iOS 8, For iPhone 4S / 5
  1. Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network
  2. Enable 3G = ON, Cellular Data = ON, Data Roaming = OFF
  3. Cellular Data Network > Enter the APN info:
  4. APN:
    Username: bmobile@fr
    Password: bmobile
  1. Settings > Cellular Data > APN Settings > Enter the APN info:
  2. APN:
    Username: bmobile@fr
    Password: bmobile 


c) iOS 6.0 For iPhone 5 / 4S / 4 / 3GS

  1. Settings > General > Network
  2. Enable 3G = ON, Cellular Data = ON, Data Roaming = OFF
  3. Cellular Data Network > Enter the APN info:
  4. APN:
    Username: bmobile@fr
    Password: bmobile 


Not successful?If you are not successful with the connection settings above, most likely your device may not be registering the new settings correctly. Please reset your network settings and enter the above information again.

To reset your network settings:
Tap "Settings" → "General" → "Reset" → "Reset Network Settings" 
Once your device has restarted, please enter the above information again.

d) Android

  1. Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > APN
  2. Tap "Menu" button and select "New APN"
  3. Enter the APN info:
  4. APN:
    Username: bmobile@fr
    Password: bmobile
    MCC: 440
    MNC: 10
    Authentication Type = "PAP or CHAP"
  5. Tap "Menu" button and select "Save"
  6. Select the new APN you created

Japan Prepaid Data SIM Card: FAQs

How do if I know if my device will be compatible with the Japan data SIM?
Please check at GSM arena if your device is W-CDMA / HSDPA / HSUPA 2100MHz or 800MHz
Please also check that your device is on the compatible device list here

How do I know if my phone is unlocked?
dataGO can’t tell, please check this post here for full detail.
The best way is to insert a SIM from a different carrier/network.

Is the Japan Prepaid data SIM card activated?
Yes. The SIM card is pre-activated and ready to use when you receive it.
30-day period starts when you first start using it.

Are there any settings required to get the Japanese data SIM card working?
You need to make sure you have the correct APN setting.
Please refer to setting the APN settings above and there will also be a full instruction guide sent with your SIM.

How do I set APN on my device?
Please see the above response.

Can I make/receive phone calls?
No. The Japanese SIM is data only, but you can use VOiP or messaging Apps.

How can I check my data usage?
We recommend using a data monitoring app – see blog post here for a few (DataMan Pro, or Data Usage being our favourites).

Most phones/devices also have a native data monitoring counter, but you may need to reset it – iPhone (iOS7): Settings > General > Cellular > Cellular Data Usage.

I will be staying in Japan for longer than 1 month. What options do I have?
You can buy multiple SIM cards in one order and use them one by one (preferable).
Or you can purchase a Top-Up here.

Do you have Nano Japan Prepaid data SIM card?
Yes, we now have Nano SIM.

Can I use tethering feature (Personal Hotspot) on my device?
Yes, it is possible.
However, the network speed will be shared with the connected devices.
If you are looking for multiple device utility- we would recommend hiring a WiFi device from us.

Is it possible to keep my SIM card until the next time I come to Japan and use it again?
The SIM expires permanently after 10 days from the day you have used up 1GB or after 40 days from the day you first used it.

Can I use VoIP apps such as Skype?
Yes, you can but service quality will depend on the condition, time and traffic of the network.

Do you have SIM card just for a shorter period of use, like 7 days use?
No, unfortunately we do not.

How long will top up process take?
We recommend you to buy multiple SIM cards in one order if you will definitely need more than 1.

Will iMessage work with this Japanese SIM?
We cannot guarantee that iMessage will work as it depends on the settings and OS version.

Will SMS work?
SMS is not supported.

Can I use MMS?
No, MMS is not supported.

Can it be used outside of Japan?
No, it is not possible to use it outside of Japan.