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France: Best Prepaid SIM Card Options for France

Name: French Prepaid SIM
Price: $35
Availability: In stock

Why Buy?

1) Local SIM for low cost data & calls in France.

2) English and foreign friendly.

3) Activate and add credit before leaving for your trip.

Avoid the hassle and buy a French Prepaid SIM from dataGO today!
LeFrenchMobile prepaid SIM card for France
This is the perfect SIM card for any visitor travelling to France. This SIM outranks any of its local French competitors, purely on a basis of being able to buy and use it without all the typical language and documentation issues! 

Preloaded with €15 of credit and having a foreign friendly English interface for adding credit and data. It runs on the Orange network, one of France's largest and most reliable operators.

Any SIM size is available for your device (need help with SIM sizes?)
Make sure your device isn't locked.

We ship to anywhere in the world FREE
Express shipping is also available. 'Next Business Day' in Aust Post Express network, or as low as 2 business days in the International Express Post network- shipping details here.

You must be in the EU when you first insert your SIM to activate.
Insert your SIM, turn your phone, enter the PIN code; 0000 
Will automatically receive your French phone number.
You have 15 days after your first call to send back (email or mail) a signed coupon that comes with the SIM (with your name, date of birth and signature). If you don't the line will be suspended. More activation details here.

Calls are charged at the one simple rate of  €0.19/min to France, anywhere in the EU, US, Canada, Australia, NZ, China, Japan, Russia and India. Calls to another LeFrenchMobile SIM are charged at €0.09/min. 
National SMS: €0.08
International SMS: €0.19

Top-up directly online using any international Visa or Mastercard

New Updated and simplified pricing:
Tethering or making a hotspot is allowed, however Apple products (iPhones/iPads) are not able to tether.

Credit has no expiry date.

GSM UMTS 900 / 2100 MHz
Make sure your device is unlocked.
This SIM works on the ORANGE network - one of France's largest and most reliable networks.

Voicemail: 555
Send empty SMS to: 22213 (or call 501)
Subscribe to a data bundle by sending a SMS with the word 'Data' followed by the code for the bundle (eg. Data FR100) to: 22213 (the bundle will be deducted from your credit balance)

These normally need to be entered manually as the following:
APN Name:
Username: tsl
Password: tsl
Authentication type: PAPCHAP or NONE

iPhone users should download the APN configuration setting below:
Download File