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Canada: Best Prepaid SIM Card Options for Canada

Name: Canadian SIM
Price: $19

We no longer recommend the Virgin Canada SIM.
It is better value ($ for data wise) and easier steps for activation, to get the US AT&T SIM here, and activate on the usd$45 which fully roams with calls, SMS and 6GB to Canada - and can be setup all before leaving home (unlike Canadian SIMs which are a nightmare, and costly).

Availability: No longer stocked

Why Buy a Virgin Mobile Canada SIM card?

1) Don't get stung on roaming
2) Great rates for data and calls
3) Easiest network to connect to in Canada

Avoid the hassle and buy a prepaid Virgin Mobile Canadian SIM from dataGO today!

Update: Check out the AT&T SIM with the USD$60 plan which now allows free roaming (calls/SMS and 4GB of data) to be used in Canada and Mexico.

The big advantage is the AT&T SIM can be activated and loaded with credit (ready to go) before you leave home.

Want the best prepaid SIM card for your iPhone, Android device, Windows Phone, iPad, tablet or pocket 3G-wifi device in Canada?
Avoid costly roaming fees on your next trip to Canada, and order a SIM card today.

Virgin Mobile Canada offers the best of what Canada has to offer on in the mobile/data world for the average traveller. Other carriers include Bell, Telus, and Fido, but frankly they don’t cut the mustard if you are trying to activate the card from overseas so you can hit the ground running.

We stock all SIM sizes for Canada, whether Mini, Micro, or professionally cut Nano-SIM, any device is catered for. Choose your SIM size (need help with SIM sizes?)
We can ship this item worldwide for FREE :-)
See Full activation instructions here (with screenshots)

It is a relatively straight forward step-by-step process
NOTE: Do this activation process only two days before you will land in Canada. It requires a top-up to be added within 3 days of activation. Top-ups can be purchased at a wide variety of locations in Canada. You can buy these at a Virgin stores (see or retail partners like BestBuy, 7-Eleven, Costco, Walmart, and London Drugs.

Phone compatibility checker 
Make sure your phone or data device will work on the Smartphone network. The main thing to have an unlocked device if you originally received it from a different carrier.

It’s simple to check if it's compatible. Just enter your device identification (IMEI) number using the link below and click check.

Where is my phone's IMEI number? You can find your IMEI number by dialling *#06# on most phones.  If that doesn't work or you are trying to find out if a dongle, tablet or other data device will work, look for the IMEI  number on the label in the battery compartment, or on the box it came in.

What else you should know... 
The Smartphone network is a 3G network, using the 850mhz and 2100mhz frequencies. If your phone is incompatible with EITHER of the 850mhz or 2100mhz frequencies, it's likely to receive limited or no reception, meaning calling, texting and data will perform poorly or not at all. Please check your phone or device specifications to ensure it is compatible.

The information in our IMEI checker is indicative only, and doesn't guarantee that your device can connect to our Smartphone network. Also, please be aware that some services may be different or unavailable with a device that was not sourced from Virgin Mobile.

Recommended Plans
  • Additional minutes are 30¢ /min unless specified. Long distance charges on calls to Canada or the U.S. are 35¢/min in addition to your per minute rate. U.S. and international roaming isn't available on our prepaid plans.
  • Outgoing international text will be charged at 35¢/ text.
NO SNEAKY FEES; No made-up fees, no extra charges, no BS. Pinky swear.