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New Zealand Spark Prepaid SIM

New Zealand Spark Prepaid SIM

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1) Fast & Reliable Network

2) Preloaded SIM auto-activates. Insert and connect.

3) 3GB data + FREE 2GB Wi-Fi

4) Domestic (NZ): 200 mins & 200 texts + 200 mins & 100 texts to 19 countries.

(USA & Canada| China & Hong Kong| India | South Africa | UK & Ireland | Aussie | France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain | Philippines |Japan | Thailand | Singapore |Malaysia | South Korea)

Why Buy a Spark NZ SIM?

1) Have it all sorted before you go, and make your life more simple!
2) Low cost local NZ data rates for Maps, Apps, and email while you travel
3) Spark NZ is a superior network with the best coverage and great rates.

Avoid the hassle and buy a prepaid Spark NZ SIM from dataGO today!

Want the best prepaid SIM card for your iPhone, Android device, Windows Phone, iPad, tablet or pocket 3G-wifi device in New Zealand?

Spark Travel SIM:
· 200 mins (NZ domestic)
· 200 texts (NZ domestic)
· 3GB data Plus FREE 2GB Wi-Fi
· International: 200 mins calls + 100 texts to:
USA & Canada| China & Hong Kong| India | South Africa | UK & Ireland | Aussie | France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain | Philippines |Japan | Thailand | Singapore |Malaysia | South Korea

If you require extra credit or want the international call pack (see below), you buy/add this direct with Spark or Skinny after you have purchased the SIM.

You can also easily add more data (lots of packs available of any size) and an International call/text pack (NZD$9 for 90 minutes of calls and 90 texts to Australia, Ireland, UK, USA, or Canada).

Standard international calls would otherwise be charged at NZD$0.91/min to Australia, UK, USA, Canada and Ireland or $1.43/min anywhere else in the world.

Very easy to monitor usage and add more credit/extras as required!

Avoid costly trans-Tasman roaming fees on Telstra, Vodafone or Optus, and order a SIM card for your next trip to NZ.

Spark offers the best of what New Zealand has to offer on in the mobile/data world for the average traveller. Basically it is the largest, fastest, most reliable carrier, with the best coverage. Spark NZ is a Telstra equivalent for Australians- in that it is the largest most established network provider.

We stock all SIM sizes for Spark NZ, whether Mini, Micro, or Nano-SIM,  any device is catered for as all SIMs are Trio Size - i.e. you just pop out to size you require.

We can ship this item worldwide for FREE :-)

See our full Spark NZ prepaid SIM activation guide here.
It is a very simple process to activate (just put the SIM in your phone), and if you require more calls/SMS/data you can add the appropriate credit and package (online or by phone), all before you leave home.

The preloaded pack will definitely be enough to get you going- but you can easily add more credit to buy extra data or calling packs to cover what you require for the month- you can do this before or after arrival in NZ as you prefer.

If you do add extra credit, it is a once off transfer from you credit card to your Spark NZ account (not storing your credit details). 

Your 30 days to use the preloadedpack starts when the SIM connects to the network for the first time (eg you put in your phone a few days prior to leaving- give it a min or two and it will connect to the roaming network partner (Telstra in Aust) - your 30 days has started, and you have also confirmed your phone isn't locked.

The plans 'renew monthly' which just means, after the first 30 days of usage it will try and renew to give you another 30 days of usage- it will only give you that next 30 days of usage if there is sufficient credit in your account.

Most people only go for 10 days, so they don't need to do anything, other than adding a bit of extra credit for a data pack. If you were requiring the SIM for more than the first month, just add a bit more credit and it will renew :-)

Extra data
There are three main extra data packs available:
$15 Data - 500MB
$29 Data - 1.5GB
$49 Data - 3GB

More info on the New Zealand prepaid plans here.

The SIMs have no restrictions around them for uses such as in data-hotspots (which requires tethering). 

Direct-dial any land line or mobile in Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland and pay 91c per minute. 
Direct-dial any land line or mobile in the rest of the world for $1.43 per minute 

International packs
There is a number of packages and extras that can be added, and the '$9 International Talk and Text pack' is ideal for people making lots of calls and texts to Australia, UK, USA, Canada and Ireland numbers from NZ. You get 90 minutes of calls and 90 texts to those 5 countries.

Phone compatibility checker 
Make sure your phone or data device will work on the Smartphone network- check here on GSM Arena that is has the compatible bands below. The main thing to have an unlocked device if you originally received it from a different carrier.

What else you should know... 
 The Smartphone network is a 3G network, using the 850mhz and 2100mhz frequencies. If your phone is incompatible with EITHER of the 850mhz or 2100mhz frequencies, it's likely to receive limited or no reception, meaning calling, texting and data will perform poorly or not at all. Please check your phone or device specifications to ensure it is compatible- Spark NZ have a checker here.


Prepaid plans
The plan you're on determines the standard rates that you pay for the various services available on your mobile. Smart Prepaid is our default Prepaid plan for new prepaid customers and offers the rates mentioned above.

You can change your plan yourself by calling *333 from your mobile and following the prompts or by using our online form. Or you can call *123 from your mobile to talk to us or come chat to us in store.

Photo messages cost 20c per message to any Spark or Smartphone Network mobile, and 50c to any other mobile, in New Zealand.
Accessing your voicemail is 20c per call.

Spark NZ Smartphone Network mobile plans and pricing terms and conditions have more information.