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[Product Summary]

This listing is for a prepaid SIM for GO Schoolies groups going to Fiji. It is for a Vodafone SIM that you must activate/apply international roaming add on to.

To use these SIMs, your phone must be network UNLOCKED - ie not locked to any phone carrier that you originally purchased it from. See more info here if you are unsure.

Postage: $6; We will post out the SIM direct to you via Express Post once you make your order here.

Whats included: 


Data: Select the data amount required (ie 1GB, 8GB or unlimited pack). This data can be used for apps such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype etc which allow you to make/receive international calls/messages.

SIM Size: All SIMs are TRIO SIMs, so you just pop the SIM out to the size required by your phone (ie the SIMs fit any phone).

International call pack: