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NPIRE 3 UK Prepaid PAYG Phone SIM

NPIRE 3 UK Prepaid PAYG Phone SIM

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Buy SIM preloaded with the add-on

This SIM gives 12GB of data and calls to other UK and EU numbers (doesn't include calls back to Australia)

Easy to use - just insert SIM and it starts the 30 days of preloaded use ticking (don't insert too early - just do so at airport leaving or on arrival).

The UK number is printed on the back of the SIM card, which starts with an 07...
For someone calling this number when outside of UK, always add +44 and drop the first '0'
ie +447...

It is free to receive calls on this SIM anywhere in Europe.

If you want to make outbound calls back to Australia, it is probably best to do so via apps that just use data (you have plenty of data) - like Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Facetime/iMessage.

Anyone who requires use of the SIM for more than 30 days, select the extra credit link in selections above and we will have some extra credit added to your account so the add-on/pack extends out a further 30 days.

SIM Size: SIMs are TRIO in size - so pop out to fit any phone (Nano, Micro, Mini)

To use these SIMs, your phone must be network UNLOCKED - ie not locked to any phone carrier that you originally purchased it from. See more info here if you are unsure.

Shipping: As per all NPIRE groups, we send out the SIMs all together to the group leader, who will distribute them.
We still ask for Name/shipping details in checkout to verify the purchase/transaction.

See more info on PAYG Phone SIM rates here

See the FAQ and Activation page for the 3 UK Phone SIM here