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US T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Activation Guide

This page is a step-by-step guide that explains how to activate a T-mobile SIM card:

Important Notes:
Make sure your phone is unlocked from your carrier
Most carriers sell their phones ‘locked’ so they only work with their own SIMs.
If you need any information about this refer to unlock info here

SIM will only connect overseas, but will require credit to make/receive calls
After you have followed the steps below, you can test if your SIM connects to the network in your home country (in Australia it does), however to make calls it will require credit in addition to what your plan costs (overseas roaming calls aren’t included in the plans).    

You can activate your SIM here
Your birthdate and IMEI (dial *#06# to display your phone's IMEI number) will be required.

> Do this activation process on a computer (not iPad/iPhone), as some mobile devices might have trouble displaying the screen graphics (eg. Apple devices with 'Flash').

Step 1. Enter: 
- Activation code (on the Activation card that comes with you SIM)    
- SIM serial number (don't include the letter at the end  eg. "F" )
- IMEI  (Enter *#06# to display IMEI of your phone)

Step 2. 
Enter required info - Don't worry too much about 'State where phone used' this only helps determine the phone number prefix. eg. California '415'

When info is entered – ‘Next’ box (bottom right) should turn grey to green

Step 3. 
Select the T-Mobile plan you require

Step 4. 

Step 5.
You should get an email from T-Mobile notifying you your account has been activated and with your phone number and other details

Step 6. 

Step 7.