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US: Best Prepaid SIM Options for the US

We have two options for the US;
Option 1: AT&T prepaid SIM card
Option 2: T-Mobile prepaid SIM card 

Which option is best for me?
Option 1 

AT&T is the faster and larger network that is more compatible with most phones outside of the US. It is a little more expensive for the plans. $60 plan on AT&T now allows you to tether/make a WiFi hotspot!

Option 2 

T-Mobile has great Pay-Per-Day plans for short visits, and allows hotspots/tethering on Monthly plans. It has 3G/4G compatible coverage (on the 1900MHz band) for an expanding number of the major US cities (see more coverage related here).

Local prepaid SIMs are for people who want to use their existing phone. 
They must take out their existing SIM, and put in the US SIM. 
Your phone must be unlocked from any network.