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UK O2 Prepaid SIM Activation Guide

SIM will activate and connect to your local network when you insert it.To apply credit from abroad:
Call  4444 (or if that doesn't work try +44844 809 0200)
Press 2 to use a voucher
Enter 16 digit PIN
-> Complete, but you can press 1 to add another voucher

Once you have credit, you can assign a tariff or add credit.
See info and screenshots here  for a step-by-step process of registering, and adding a data bundle. You can add a data bundle without assigning a tariff .

Both the tariffs or bundles give a certain amount of calls/text/data, but are billed monthly from when you assign them, so it is best to assign just before you leave.

You can get 50Mb of data a day for a £1, or you can opt to buy one of the great value data bolt-ons;
100MB = £3
500MB = £6
1GB = £10
Note; SIM will not support tethering.

Data Settings (if needed)
APN settings
APN name:
username: vertigo
password: password

Instructions to apply credit or Top up abroad
dataGO sells £10 vouchers to top-up abroad.

Just purchase one of the O2 credit vouchers here ( 

We will then email you the top-up voucher codes within 24 hours. 
Call 4444 free from your mobile anywhere in the world. 

If the country doesn't allow shortcode dialling, enter *111*# and press the call button. Follow the prompts. 

Check balance
Check your current credit by Dialling *#10#.

Apply tariffBig bundle tariffs
£10 tariff – Text Big 10 to 21300
£20 tariff – Text Big 20 to 21300

Other tariffs
To see more info on all available tariffs visit here:

Rates Abroad
Please see latest rates here:

Data In Europe
O2 is offering a data roaming pack that provides 50MB of data for use in a single day for £1.99. If you reach the daily allowance, your data service will stop. You can then buy another 50MB for £1.99, just SMS MORETRAVEL to 21300.
This is a great way to get data while travelling throughout Europe.

In order to benefit from these rates you must be registered for O2 Travel.  
You can opt in to O2 Travel by sending "TRAVELON" to 21300 or by calling 2202 which is free from your O2 mobile.

To "Switch Off" you must text "TRAVELOFF" to 21300.
More details can be found here:

You have 90 days to apply the credit to your account from a top-up voucher.
Credit added to your UK SIM does not expire, however the SIM card will expire after 6 months of inactivity.

You can register for access to the online portal at the link below.  
During the registration process you will require the SIM in your phone as O2 will SMS a code to you.

Top-up extra
Can I top up more than what my Pay & Go Go Go allowance costs?

Yes. You can then spend the rest of your credit on things that aren’t included in your allowance, like voicemail, bolt ons or international calls. You can also carry over any credit you haven’t used to the following month, so you won’t have to top up as much to get your allowance.

Swap tariff
Can I swap my tariff?

Yes, on your next anniversary date. You can also go the other way. Just text Big 10 (for the £10 tariff) or Big 20 (for the £20 tariff) to 21300. Or call 2202 free from your O2 mobile.

If you are moving from the £10 to £20 price point, this could affect your movement through the different levels of allowance. See terms and conditions for further information on top-up requirements.

How often can I change tariff? 
And what if I change my mind?

You can change between Big Bundle and other O2 tariffs as often as you like, but only on your anniversary date (every 30 days). There are three ways to change tariff:
• send the tariff keyword to 21300
• call 2202 or 2425 free from your O2 mobile
• go to MyO2 on

What does ‘anniversary date’ mean?
It’s the day the mobile bundle you’re on runs out.

Check anniversary date
How do I check my anniversary date and what International SIM allowances I’ve got left?
There are three ways.
• Call 4444 free, then choose option 2
• Text the word BALANCE to 20202 (it’s free)
• Through MyO2 (if you’re signed up)

Didn't top-up?
What happens if I don’t top up before my International SIM anniversary date?
We’ll text you four days before to remind you to top up.
If you’ve got enough credit to pay for your International SIM allowance, we’ll add it as normal. And your anniversary date will stay the same.

If you don’t have enough credit, we’ll wait until you do before we add your allowance.
If you haven’t topped up, you’ll pay our standard rates (Simplicity/Pay & Go). Your anniversary date will change to the date when we add your allowance.

There is a bunch of other FAQ's answered by registering an account using your O2 number here:

Then going to appropriate areas > Support > Pay & Go Help > Pay & Go Go Go