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Globalgig Data Roaming SIM Activation Summary

Low cost data in 40+ countries
Globalgig offers a great solution for data-weary travellers.

Activating your SIM or Hotspot

1) Activate SIM
Before you can use your Globalgig SIM or hotspot you need to activate your service.
Go to
(OR go to home page and click activate in top right hand corner)

Enter the ICCID as shown then click on the Next button, and choose from one of the great domestic or international data plans. Then follow the online instructions to register your details and activate your service (for full screenshots of the process - see below).

Globalgig will charge your nominated credit/debit card for your first month’s data plan access fee when they activate your Globalgig service. Activation can take up to 2 hours (normally about 20 min). Sometimes it says that you will be notified of when it is active, however this notification is not received but the SIM is active.

2) Using your SIM or hotspot overseas
For data to flow through your SIM the APN has to be correctly. Quite a lot of the time it might automatically set and just work, but for any reason data doesn’t work, setting the APN should be the main fix (note, most hotspots don’t set automatically).

If you are using the Globalgig WiFi hotspot, activate the SIM (see below) pop it in, and simply turn on the hotspot and it will connect to the network partner; you then connect to the hotspot’s WiFi signal and get online. dataGO sets all hotspots it sells with the Globalgig APN set, if using a different hotspot make sure you set APN. See more detail in the hotspot setup guide here.

Tablet users
If you are using the Globalgig SIM with your tablet, turn on your device and ensure that the Access Point Name (APN) is set to:

No username or password - just leave it blank

iPad users
Go to Settings > Cellular Data > APN Settings > and type in
Once you've done this, restart your device.

Android users
Go to Settings > More Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names.
If no APN is available select the menu icon in the top right hand corner and select +New APN and type

iPhone users
Sometimes there is an issue with the iPhone connecting to the network without locking the APN.
There is a very simple to get around this by setting an APN 'profile'. Just visit: (in Safari on iPhone)

Select 'Create APN' (in blue in middle at bottom of page)
Select 'Country' > 'Australia' & for 'Carrier' > 'GlobalGig' - see more details and screenshots below on this (remember if you lock the APN, you have to remove the lock if you take the SIM out).
See STEP-BY-STEP activation guide with screenshots in here.