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Australian Amaysim Prepaid SIM Activation Guide

We now recommend the OPTUS SIM card instead as AMAYSIM requires verification that is best done when you are in Australia, and hence not allowing you to activate the AMAYSIM before your arrival in Australia.


How to activate this AMAYSIM SIM card
You’ll need the following info to activate:

  • Your amaysim SIM Pack
  • Your personal details (i.e. name, residential address)
  • Credit/debit card or bank account details for direct debit.
  • An unlocked mobile, tablet or mobile broadband device

Don’t forget the 30days for amaysim Flexi, amaysim Unlimited or the 1GB, 2.5GB and 4GB Data packs starts as soon as your amaysim SIM is active and is set to Auto Renew every 30 days by default (change this default if you don't want it to renew - see below).

The 90days expiry for amaysim As You Go (Prepaid) starts when your amaysim SIM is active.
The 365days expiry for the 10GB data pack starts when your amaysim SIM is active.

1. First visit here and enter your SIM number:


  • The SIM number can be found on the back of card under the barcode or on the back of the sim chip.

2. Choose the activation plan you want



3. Select "Get a new number" and pick a number you want

4. Enter your personal details & set up an amaysim account

  • For the Contact number field, enter your local phone number.
  • Create a password for your amaysim account.
  • Enter your the address (Australian) of the place you are going to stay.



5. Enter your payment detail to finish the order