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Thailand DTAC Prepaid Happy Tourist SIM

Thailand DTAC Prepaid Happy Tourist SIM

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1) Have it all sorted before you leave.

2) Preloaded SIM with 7-days of internet access

3) ENGLISH activation guides and settings information provided by dataGO.

Name: Thai Prepaid Happy Tourist SIM

Price: $19

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We stock the 'Happy Tourist SIM card' from Thailands dtac network.

Why buy this SIM from dataGO?

1) Have it all sorted before you leave.

2) This SIM is preloaded with 7-days of internet access

3) dataGO has specialised in local SIMs with activation guides and settings information all in English


Having a local Thai SIM, and have it all sorted before you go and make sure you can easily get connected without the hassle of sorting it all out in a foreign currency and language.



-- 7 days of unlimited 3G (fair use policy or FUP of 1.5GB)
-- 100 Baht of calling credit, valid for 35 days
-- Dual cut SIM works as Standard or Micro SIM, or Nano available for iPhone 5 and later
-- Free incoming calls and SMS, after 7 days, add credit for continued 3G usage
-- 33 Minutes call time to international numbers using 004 + 1 + area code + phone number



    We have all SIM sizes available (Mini, Micro, and Nano - check your size here)


    Product Description

    This is the DTAC Tourist SIM for Thailand with preloaded calling credit and a 7 Day Unlimited 3G package. You'll be avoiding roaming charges and checking emails while still exiting the plane in Bangkok, Phuket or Chiang Mai.


    Call, SMS and data costs

    Calls are 1.25 Baht per minute and texts are 3 Baht per domestic SMS and 5 for international. Excess data is charged at 10 Baht per MB.


    Check that you phone is Unlocked

    To use, you must have an unlocked phone. If you're not sure if your phone is unlocked, check with your carrier and ask them to unlock your phone. Fully guaranteed to work in any unlocked GSM phone upon arrival or your money back.


    Share your 3G data connection

    Tethering is not blocked or limited, so you can easily share your internet with your laptop or iPad. You can put this sim in your unlocked mifi, pocket wifi, 3g aircard, tablet or any device supporting 3G internet. Skype, Viber, iMessage, Line and What's App will work with your data connection.


    3G Data Coverage

    3G coverage is in all major cities and 2G coverage is almost nationwide. Works on 850MHz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz. 3G data runs on 850/2100 Mhz.


    Receiving Calls

    To call your number from the USS dial +66 + (your number).

    Eg: +66 9 1234 1234.


    What if credit runs out?

    After 7 days, add recharge credit from any 7-11 in Thailand or online here.


    Why pick this one?

    - Not an empty SIM, preloaded with credit and internet, and fast shipping.


    Want more Data?

    See the data table below.

    For the unlimited internet plans below, you get connection at full speed for a certain amount of data, then your speed will be capped at the stated fair use policy (FUP) maximum speed which is varied respective to the plan you choose (but you can use them as much as you like, they are unlimited after all).


    To check remaining data/days of Happy internet package dial:

    *101*4*9# [call]

    APN settings

    If you experience getting your internet to work, make sure you set your APN (more info on setting the APN and other data plans here).


    APN name:

    username: (blank)

    password: (blank)

    authentication: PAP (if doesn't work with CHAP)



    dtac call center 1678 (press 77 for English)