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Travel tech tip #8 - Pack a sleep sack

Sleep sacks are normally silk liners (kind of like a sleeping bag or sack), that easily fold down into a little pouch.
These can be life savers when you aren't too sure of the bed you are sleeping in, want protection from mosquitos (or bed bugs?), or even a few extra degrees warmth.

Shout out to Beth Whitman's post on the Cocoon Thermolite Radiator.
While the traditional silks ones are designed for warm environments, the Cocoon Thermolite is designed for the cold. Made from wool, it claims to lift the temp in your sleeping bag up to 9C.

Whatever climate you are heading (cold or hot)- carrying a sleeping sack is a no brainer!

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Written by Peter Cain

Peter Cain is the Founder and CEO of, a company committed to making it easier and cheaper to stay connected whilst travelling. You can find him on Twitter and Google+. You can also find dataGO on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Google+ for all the latest info on local and roaming SIMs and data hotspots.

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