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Travel tech tip #5 - preserving phone battery life

Seems Apple has just updated a new version of iOS today along with a bug that shuts down your phone at around 20-30% battery remaining.

I thought this might have just been me until a quick search on twitter ( ) and I see I'm not the only one.


Whilst I'm sure the team at apple are working around the clock to rectify (How they didn't pick this up pre-release?) - I thought its timely to post a quick few tips on maximising iPhone battery life, particularly in the context of roaming overseas.


1. Switch off unnecessary apps - settings > cellular data and scroll down

2. Switch off automatic updating of apps

3. Switch to flight mode - this is a big one for savibg power on general holiday use when it is more you referring to your phone ocassionaly versus being available to everyone else

4. Use maps sparingly or cache/load offline maps - your gps will still work, but its the loading of the map detail that burns battery life

5. Finally be aware if you are using a roaming sim card that has access to multiple networks, it will use battery more intensively constantly switching between the strongest signal- you can force it to just the one signal by settings > network > turn off 'automatically select network' and choose the biggest/strongest network/signal.


So there are five of my favourites - what's yours? Add them in the comments below

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