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Travel tech tip #1: Take a power board or double adapter with you

Todays 'Travel tech tip' kicks off somewhat of a revival of this blog.
It will be the first of a series of 101 Travel tech tips.

They might not be long - but the idea is to get straight to the point of something useful to remember to bring on your trip (& get me in the habit of writing more here).

I'd like to start with one of the most basic tips out there, that I'm always surprised more people haven't caught on to - bringing a power board/double adapter, or multi-port USB charger.

Everyone takes at least one power adapter (preferably one with a could of USB charging ports too) - but you normally have multiple devices that need to recharge overnight whilst you are recharging yourself getting a big of sleep.

Pop a power board or double adapter in and you instantly have 2-4 times as many of your normal plug sizes. Grab a multi-port USB charger and you can get all your devices and batteries ready for another hard day out and about...particularly with your unlocked phone or unlocked hotpot with one of dataGO's roaming data SIMs in it!

Do watch out for amperage and voltage differences (best to have a short-circuit breaker built in), and realise there is a difference in the volts/amps/watts required for common devices like iPhone charger ( 5 volts, 1.0 amps, and 5 watts), compared to an iPad charger (5.1 volts, 2.1 amps, and 12 watts). 

OK so that has kicked it off .

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite travel tech tip is?

Written by Peter Cain

Peter Cain is the Founder and CEO of, a company committed to making it easier and cheaper to stay connected whilst travelling. You can find him on Twitter and Google+. You can also find dataGO on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Google+ for all the latest info on local and roaming SIMs and data hotspots.

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