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Tech tips for travel #31 - Top 5 ways to make your life travelling better with Evernote

Evernote is the king of note taking Apps.
Yes it isn't the only note taking App, and it is far from perfect (often a glitch or freeze here or there), but it is by far the most advanced/powerful and useful app for storing notes I've come across. For that, Evernote makes the list for 5 reasons:

1. Storing ID numbers and addresses
Remembering passport numbers, member numbers, discount coupons, mailing get the picture! Type them in and they are there to refer to when you need.

2. Storing reservations
Reservations, bookings and even scans/photo shots of your tickets. Organised into notebooks, and fully searchable - tick!

3. Trip planning
Browsing the web and want to note down the awesome micro whiskey bar in Tokyo for your trip next year? Just use the Evernote web clipper, to clip it straight to your travel planning notebook for future reference! 

4. Packing list
OK, so I'll own up here, I'm definitely a pre-trip check lister! Its mostly to help me not have to think so hard about all the things to remember to bring - just note it down and cross it off when your done or packed it. No worrying about that thing you can't remember, but think you might have forgotten...(it's probably not that important anyway!).

5. Multi-device syncing and sharing
Probably one of the magic elements of Evernote. Pop that thought down on one device - open up Evernote on that other device, and its all just there. Layer on top of that ability to share notebooks to certain people, and you have just found the ultimate way of making your life travelling easier!

What's your Evernote hack?

Written by Peter Cain

Peter Cain is the Founder and CEO of, a company committed to making it easier and cheaper to stay connected whilst travelling. You can find him on Twitter and Google+. You can also find dataGO on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Google+ for all the latest info on local and roaming SIMs and data hotspots.

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