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Tech tips for travel #29 - An iPad camera connection kit to load photos from your SD card to your iPad

I dropped by the Apple store today and after having a look at a few iPad covers (time for an upgrade from my el cheapo market purchase I think!), I asked one of the 'geniuses' what their top tips would be for a traveller heading overseas.

An iPad camera connection kit was top of their list, and actually I already have one so they didn't quite make a sale, but I thought I'd outline a few tips on them here.

So they come in two forms, depending on the connection your iPad takes:

- 30 pin for the traditional connector
- Lightning connector for the newer smaller connection (iPad Mini et al)

They are great for uploading your photos on the go and perfect for giving you peace of mind that if you lose your camera, you won't lose all your photos!

The iPhotos App is also great to edit on the go if required, otherwise you can organise and delete straight from the photo folder and upload to Facebook!

How do you manage your photos on the road?

Written by Peter Cain

Peter Cain is the Founder and CEO of, a company committed to making it easier and cheaper to stay connected whilst travelling. You can find him on Twitter and Google+. You can also find dataGO on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Google+ for all the latest info on local and roaming SIMs and data hotspots.

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