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Tech tips for travel #19 - Why putting a passcode on your iPad, iPhone or laptop can save you big time!

As a worldly traveller armed with enough tech to take on North Korea, there is one gaping hole in the armour of the uninformed.

Simply put, not having a passcode or password on your device, is first class stupidity!

There is enough data from browsing history, to passwords, photos and documents you should need no explanation that if your device happened to fall into the wrong hands and is not protected, you only have yourself to blame for not putting a passcode on it that should stop 99% of people accessing your info.

I say 99% as I'm sure there might be an obscure way that some hacker might be able to break into your device, but there is a fair chance it would wipe most of the data.

Anyway, it is hardly the point - put your best foot forward and make sure all your devices have a passcode or password.

What is your tip on keeping your devices protected?

Written by Peter Cain

Peter Cain is the Founder and CEO of, a company committed to making it easier and cheaper to stay connected whilst travelling. You can find him on Twitter and Google+. You can also find dataGO on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Google+ for all the latest info on local and roaming SIMs and data hotspots.

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