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What's in store...for 2013

Hello old friend! 
It's been a little while between drinks here on the blog, but what a way things have come in the last couple of months! I think at the time of the last post the logo was only 'hot off the press' and the website freshly minted. 

Since then; 
- stock has arrived
- the web store is up and running
- a couple of partnership deals have been struck
- a spot booked for upcoming Melbourne Holiday & Travel Show Feb 23-24
- I was selected for the final round of Startmate interviews
- I have shipped to some first (happy!) customers; and 
- some initial media exposure by commenting in The Age on an article on data roaming
[A couple of those points I might expand on in some future blog posts.]

So what does 2013 have in store? I think its going to be a very exciting year for 
I suppose the biggest event in the short term is the Holiday & Travel Show in Feb. It will be the first 'public launch' and there is quite the list of things to get organised for it.

Over the next few weeks of preparation for the Holiday & Travel Show I plan to detail on this blog some of the happenings behind the scene at, what questions we ask and answers we look for in our research for the right SIM for a destination country, and what new SIMs we have coming in stock.
See you back here soon!

[Picture above; A shot I took the other day as the Aus Open just kicked off here in Melbourne]

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