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Travel Tech Talk presented at the Melbourne Holiday and Travel Show, Feb 2013

The aim of this talk was to cover off some general tips and insights into what technology and gadgets are out there that might be useful to travellers in general.

I covered some particular items of interest surrounding phone usage, and how buying a local SIM can save you big, but I also covered a range of useful Apps, websites, gadgets, and life-hacks to make your trip easier.

It was only a 15 min presentation, so there was a limit to the depth I could go into on some things, however the plan is cover off a few of the specific areas in more detail in future blog posts. 

The Travel Show in general was a great success. A fantastic opportunity to meet a lot of people planning a trip overseas, all who would like to stay connected. We had a free bottle of water give-away which suited the rather warm weather, and some great feedback on the countries we should look at covering with a local SIM next. Thanks for everyone who dropped by, and particularly to the people who helped man the dataGO stand!

Please comment to this blog post, and I'll add any other items/links that you might suggest for the Travel Tech List.

Note; the presentation below is probably best viewed in fullscreen to click all the links required.

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